IGNOU Exam Date Sheet March TEE 2022 (Updated) @ignou.ac.in

The GNOU Date Sheet 2022 is currently accessible on the university’s official website, ignou.ac.in. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) December TEE 2021 is set to begin on March 4, 2022.

IGNOU has officially announced that the IGNOU TEE December 2021, which had previously been postponed due to the Omicron scare, will now take place offline from March 4 to April 11, 2022. Meanwhile, IGNOU Hall Ticket 2022 will be distributed one week before the exam.

IGNOU Date Sheet – TEE 2022

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has announced the dates for the Term End Examinations (TEE), that will take place between March 4 and April 11, 2022. The examination draws a considerable number of candidates. Candidates can choose from a number of courses offered by the university. Candidates can enroll in the University’s regular or distance learning programs. This article includes a link to the IGNOU Date Sheet 2022. There was a TEE for online programs. Using the IGNOU 2022 date sheet, candidates may keep track of all the events that will take place during the course of the IGNOU program.

TEE December 2021 for online programs (Certificate and Diploma) was previously declared to begin on March 04, 2022, however the dates were provisional. IGNOU has also published rules and instructions for submitting the IGNOU Exam Form for Online Programs.

Important details for ignou exam date sheet

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) released the date sheet for the Term End Examinations (TEE), declaring that the exams will be conducted between 4 March and 11 April 2022.

UniversityIGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
ExamTerm End Examination (TEE)
Exam Date4th March to 11th April 2022
Exam ModeOffline
IGNOU TEE Date Sheet (March 2022) Check Now – PDF
IGNOU TEE Hall TicketCheck Now
Official website@ignou.ac.in

IGNOU TEE Exam Date Sheet 2022

DATE      & DAYMORNING( 10;00 AM TO 1;00 PM)EVENING (2;00 PM TO 5;00 PM)
04.03.2022 FRI  MED002/ MPYE015/ MS23/ MS43/ MS53/ MS63/ MS494/ MFP05/ MES046/ MEDSE015/ MHA013/  RST004/ BNS041/   ACC01/  BWEF002/ BPVI028/ BPVI038/MCS043/ TS01/ MVP004/ MCS214/   BLIE228/ ECO03/ PHE14/  BBCS183/ BMTC132/ BMTC134/ 
08.03.2022 TUE  MPSE013 / MSWE003/ MPYE014/ MS22/  MS42/  MS52/  MS62/ MS425/ MES045/ MHA010/     BNS106/ BPY007/ BWEE012/ BESE046/ CHE05/ CNCC01/  BAPI007/  BSKC131/ BSKC133/ BNS042/MEG16/ MTM15/MTTM015/ MMTE007/ MEDS044/ MCS042/ MCS213/   APM01/ BBHF/ BHDF101/ BPVI006/ BPVI015/ BLIE226/ BMAF001/ BSKF001/ FAS01/ FBG01/ FEG02/ FGT01/ FKD01/ FML01/ FMT01/ FOR01/ FPB01/ FTG01/ FTM01/ FUD01/ BSM008/ BPAG171/ BPCG171/ BSOG171/ BPAG173/ BSOG173/ BEGG171/ 
09.03.2022 WEDMS26/  MS46/  MS56/  MS66/ MGPE08/ MHA019/ RST001/ ATR01/ JMC02/MSK006/BWA001/ MCSE003/ MSW010/ MCS220/   CHE10/ BSW122/ BPC002/  BSM010/BGYCT133/  BCOC138/  BCOC134/ BEGC132/ BEGC134/ BTMC131/ BTMC135/ BANC107/ BECC107/
11.03.2022 FRIMPYE016/ MS24/ MS44/ MS54/ MS64/ MED008/ MES047/ MHA014/   BNS107/ BPYE002/ MTE12/    BGYCT131/ BGYCT135/ BTMC133/ BTMC137/ MCS051/ TS02/ MCS215/ BLIE229/ LSE05/ BPVI007/ BPVI016/BSMA003/ EPS11/BSW124/ BECC103/ BECC108/ BHIC103/ BPSC103/ BPCC103/ BPAC103/ BSOC103/ BSOC108/ BANC103/ BANC108/ BEGC103/ BHDC103/ BHDC132/BEGC108/ BHDC108/ / BHIC108/ BPCC108/ BPSC109/ BHDC134/
12.03.2022 SAT  MGP004/ MS29/  MS422/ MS58/ MS611/ MFP01/ MES048/   MTE06/ MPYE007/MER001/ MSK004/MCS052/ TS03/ MCS218/ BSW123/ ECO14/ LSE09/ LSE12/ MMPC004/    BBYCT131/  BSOC131/ BSOC133/ BECC104/ BECC109/ BHIC104/ BPSC104/ BPCC104/ BANC104/ BANC109/ BEGC104/ BEGC109/  BHDC104/ BPAC104/ BBYCT135/ BHDC109/ BHIC109/ BPAC109/ BPCC109/ BPSC110/ 
14.03.2022 MONMPSE012/MEDSE046/ MSWE007/ MPYE013/ MS21/ MS41/ MS51/ MS61/ MS424/ MFP03/ MEDS011/ MHA009/ MES034/ RST002/   BWEE008/ DNHE03/ MME005/ BNRI107/ BPVI037/ CTE04/ CTE05/ BESE066/ CTE104/ CTE105/ BPVI027/ BPHE106/ PHE06/ BPSC131 / BUDC133/ SSB003/  MEG15/ MTM14/ MTTM14/ MGSE020/ MMTE006/ MCS041/ MCS212/ MMPC003/ Group-2(EHD02/BHDE108/BEGE102/ /EHI02 / BECE002/ BPAE102/ ERD01/BRDE101/MTE02 / BPY003/ BULE002/ BPC004/ BPSE212/)/    BSWE003/BHY001/ MVP003/ MEVE13/ BSW125/  BCOC133/ / BCOC137/ BPAC133/ BBCCT107/ 
15.03.2022 TUEMS25/  MS45/  MS55/  MS65/ MGPE007/ MHA018/ RST003/ RST006/   BNS108/ JMC01/ MTE10/ BPCE011/ BPCE013/ BPCE018/  BPCE019/ BPCE021/MCS053/ MCS219/ BPVI008/ BPVI017/ BPY008/ PHE10/ TS04/ ECO02/ BSM009/   BPAG172 / BSKC132/ / BZYCT133/ BZYCT137/  BEGLA138/ BHDLA138/ 
16.03.2022 WEDMCO03/ MHD09/ MHD13/ MHD17/  MHD21/ MPSE04/  MSOE04/ MEC008/ MEC108 /  MLIE102/  MGPE014/  MFN008/ MSW032 / MES102/ MAE002/ MPY002/ MTT017/ MJM027/ MS08/ MSEI025/ MIP108/ MEVE003/  BCS052/ MES112/ MES132/ MES042/ MEDS006/   RTT104/ REG101/   BJM002/ BLE002/ BLE012/ BLE032/ BLE036/ BAL002/ BAQ002/ BEDS002/  BEE002/ BES008/ BFE102/ BFLI002/ BHC012/ BHM102/ BHT002/ BHT012/ BHT017/ BJLI002/ BNS012/ BNS101/BNS201/ BPOI007/ BPR002/ CPI102/ DCE02/ DTG002/ MACP001/ MACP002/ MAM002/ MCMM002/ MCMM102/ CIT003/ MIR022/ MNR002/ MTT002/ OEE002/ OEY002/ OLPI001/ BAPI003/ MTT005/ CDM02/ OAPI011/ OVA001/ BRL011/ ES345/ NES102/ BLPI003/ MVEI013/ BCOA001/  MEG08/ MPCE012 / MPCE022/  MPCE032/ MPA018/ MANE003/  MRDE002/ MCFTE001/ MCFTE002/ MCFTE003/ MSW015/  MDE417/  MTM08/ MTTM08/ MEVE15/  MDV108/  MGSE003/  MMT008/ MCS23/    Group-4 /( EHD06/BHDE106/BEGE105/EPS07/EHI04/ EEC14/ BECE214/ EPA04/BPAE104/ MTE09/ BPY006/ BSWE06/ BULE004/)/   BGL002/ BHY002/ BLI221/ BPEL011/ DHHM02/ MEV022/  BKL002/ BSW041/ OUL003/ ONR003/ BHT007/ ORUL002/ BSM004/ BES143/ BSOC110/ BEGLA136/ BHDLA136/  
17.03.2022 THUMCO04/ MPSE05/ MEC009/ MEC109/ MLIE103/ MGP005/  MFN009/ MSW007/ MES103/ MES113/ MES043/ MES133/ MAE003/ MTT018/ MJM028/ MS09/ MSEI026/ MEVE004/ MHD10/ MHD14/ MHD18/  MHD22/ MEDS008/ BCS053/ MHA004/ MWR003/ RBC006/   CTE02/CTE102/ BNRI105/ BPVI035/ BPC005/ BRL012/ MVEI014/ PHE07/ ES334/ BPVI045/ BPVI024/ BAPI006/ ECO09/MEG09/ MHI08/ MPCE013/ MPCE023/ MPCE033/ MANE004/ MRDE003/ MPA006/ MPA016/ MSW016/ MDE419/ MTM09/ MTTM09/ MEVE16/ MDV110/ MGSE004/ MMT009/ MCS24/  MMPC001/   ACS01/ BES144/    RPCE106/ RSOE005/    BPCS184/BPCS186/BSOS184/ BANS184/ BCOS184/ BECS184/ BHDS184/BPAS184/ BPYC132/ 
19.03.2022 SAT MCO05/ MPSE06/ MECE001/ MLIE104/ MGPE012/ MFN010/ MSW008/ MES104/ MES114/ MES134/ MES044/ MPYE008/ MTT019/ MJM029/ MS10/ MED004/ MSEI027/ MHD11/ MHD15/ MHD19/ MHD23/  BCS054/  REG102/  BLE003/ BLE013/ BLE033/ BLE037/ BAQ003/ BEE003/ BEG004/ BES009/ BFEE101/ BFLI003/ BHC013/ BHME101/ BJLI003/ BNS013/ BPR003/ CDM01/ CPI103/ DCE03/ DTG003/ MACP003/ MACP004/ MAM003/ MCMM003/ MCMM103/ MIR023/ MNRE015/ MTT003/ OEY003/ OLPI002/ OVA002/ NES103/ OAPI012/ BRL013/ES335/ BLP004/ MVE005/ BPHE104/ PHE04/  PHE05/  BEGAE182/MEG10/ MANE005/ MRDE004/ MTM10/ MTTM10/ MEVE17/ MDV111/ MGSE006/ MMTE001/ MVP001/ MCS031/MHI09/   Group-3 ( EHD3/BEGE103/BEGE108/EHI03/EEC10/ EEC13/ EPS03/ EPS08/EPA03/ ESO13/ MTE07/ BPY005/ BSWE05/ BULE03/ BPC06)/ BES126/   BEDS003/ BGL003/ BPEL012/ DHHM03/ MEV023/ MHY042/ BPVI001/ BPVI018/  BHDAE182/
21.03.2022 MONMCO06/ MECE003/ MLIE105/ MGPE015/ MPSE007/ MSO002/ MSW009/ MAE004/ MPYE009/ MTT020/ MJM030/  MS11/ MHD12/ MHD16/ MHD20/ MHD24/ MES115/ BCS055/ RBC007/ AMT01/ BPVI025/  CFN01/  CNCC02/  SSB001/MEG11/ MTM11/ MTTM11/ MEVE18/ MDV115/ MGSE007/ MMTE002/  MCS032/MHI10/ BES127/   RPCE107/   / CTE03/ CTE103/ BES145/  BPAG174/ BANC132/ BBYCT133/ BBYCT137/ BANC134/ BEGC110/ BBCCT109/
22.03.2022  TUEMCO07/ MPSE008/ MECE004/ MLIE106/ MGPE016/ MSW017/ MPYE010/  MTT021/ MJM031/ MS91/ BCS062/  MES031/   CHE09/ BES010/ ECO06/ECO13/ EPS12/  CFN02/  BCHCT135/  MEG12/ MEVE19/ MEDS041/ MGSE009/ MMTE003/ MCS033/ MMPC002/   AWRE01/ BEGA102/ BRPA101/ BEDS005/ MVPI001/ BES128/ BSOC134/  BSOC132/
23.03.2022 WED MPSE009/ MGPE006/ MWG008/ MWG011/ MSWE001/ MPYE011/ MS95/ MEDS009/ MHA006/ MES032/ RBC010/ AOM01 /PCO/BNRI106/ BPVI036/ MAM004/ MNRE016/ BRL007/ ES361/ ES362/ES363/ ES364/ /BPV046/ BPVI026/ MVE006/ BES012/  BPY004/ CFN03/ SSB002/MEG13/ MTM12/ MTTM12/ MEDS042/ MGSE010/ MMTE004/ MCS034/ RPCE108/   ANC01/ MEVE11/  BES129/ BPAC101/ BBCCT105/ BPHCT133/ BPHCT137/ BPCC134/  BPCC132/  
24.03.2022 THUMPSE11/ MSWE002/ MPYE012/ MS92/ MS93/ MS94/ MS96/ MS97/ MEDS010/ MHA008/ MES033/ RPE001/  AMK01/ BES020/ BHME106/ BNS105/ BNS205/ BWEE007/ DNHE02/ LMT01/ MME004/ NES104/ BESE065/ BRL015/ BGL001/ BLE014/BFLI004/ OAPI013/  BPCC131/BPCC133/  MEG14/  MTM13/ MTTM13/ MGSE013/ MMTE005/ MEDS043/  MCS035/ MRD101/ MCS211/ AOR01/ BEGF101/ BLI225/ BPVI005/ BPVI014/ FEG01/ FHD02/ BSM007/  MVP002/ MEVE12/ BESE131/ BESE132/ BESE135/ BHIC102/ BPSC102/ BPCC102/ BPAC102/ BSOC102/  BSOC106/ BANC102/  BANC106/ BEGC102/ BHDC102/ BECC102/ BECC106 / BEGC106/ BHDC106/ BHIC106/BPAC106/ BPCC106/ BPSC107/  BCOLA138/ BCHCT133/ BCHCT137/
25.03.2022 FRIMHD02/ MPS01/MSO001/MEC001/ MEC101/ MLI101/  MGP001/ MFN001/ MSW001/ MES011/ MPY001/ MFC001/ MWG001/ MTT010/ MJM001/ MJM020/ MS01/ PGDT01/ MED001/ MLI001/MES004/ MES081/ MAW001/ MIP101/ MEV001/ BCS011/ IBO1/ DECE01/ MEDS001/   BLE004/ BEDS004/  BEG005/  BES016/ BFEE102/ BHC014/ BHME102/ BNS014/ BNS102/ BNS202/ BPOI004/ BPOI104/  BPR005/ BYG001/ DCE04/ DTG004/ MCMM004/ MCMM104/ MIR011/ MEV024/ MVE001/ /BNRI101/ BPVI031/ BAP001/ BRL006/ ES331/ BPVI041/MVEI011/ BFDI071/ MME201/ MME301/  ECO12/BGP01/ RBC001/RCH001/RGG101/ RGY101/ RCO011/ RMS001/ RJM101/ LSE07/  MEG01/ MSK01/ MHI01/ MPC001/MPA001/  MPA011/ MANI001/  MCFT001/ MDE411/  MTM01/MTTM01/ MEV11/ MDV101/ MGS001/ MMT001/ MST001/ MCH001/ MPC051/ MEDS051/  MLE011/  MSD011/  MBP001/ MCS011/MCS201/ BLI011/   BAB101/ BLI222/ MHYI044/ BPVI002/  BPVI011/  CNSHC001/ OSEI041/  OULE001/ OUL001/ MIS21/ CNS-AH001/MGS041/ BMS001/ BSL001/ CHR11/ BSMA001/BEV001/ ONR001/ BPYE001/ BSHF101/ BSSI011/ BES121/  PHE11/   RES101/ RAN101/ RPA101/ RPC101/ RPS101/ RSO101/ RLI011/ RDR101/ RGD001/    BECC132/BGGCT131/BECC134/ BGGCT133/
26.03.2022 SATMHD03/MPS02/ MEC002/ MLII101/ MGP002/ MFN002/ MSW002/ MES012/ MAE005/MPYE001/ MFC002/ MWG002/ MTT011/ MJM002/ MJM021/  MS02/  PGDT02/  MLI002/  MES005/ MES082/ MAW002/ MIP102/ MEV002/ MEDS002/  BCS012/ IBO2/ DECE02/ BAP002/ RDV001/ RHC001/ RLE005/ RTT101/ RSW001/ RCS001/ RFL101/ RFN001/ RNS001/  BPOI003/ BPOI103/ BRL001/ ES332/  BGP2/BCS091/BYG002/ BFDI072/ AFWE01/  BHDA101/MEG02/ MSK02/ MHI02/ MPC002/ MPA002/ MPA012/ MANI002/  MRD102/ MCFT002/  MDE412/ MTM02/MTTM02/ MEV12/ MDV102/ MGS002/ MMT002/ MST002/ MCH002/ MPC052/ MEDS052/  MLE012/  MSD012/ MBP002 / MCS012/ MCS202/    BSM001/ BEV002/ MME011/ MIS22/CNS-AH002/MGS042/ LSE06/  BLII012/ BES122/  BPAC131/  
28.03.2022 MONMHD04/ MSO003/ MEC003/ MEC103/ MLI102/ MGP003/ MFN003/ MSW005/ MES013/ MAEE001/ MESE061 /  MPYE002/ MFC003/ MWG003/ MTT012/ MJM003/ MJM022/ MS03/ PGDT03/ MED003/MED009/ MLI003/ MES006/ MES083/ MAW003/ MIP103/ MEV003/ BCS031/ IBO3/ DECE03/ LSE02/ RBC002/RCH002/RGG102/ RGY102/ RCO012/RJM102/ BAPI001/ BES018/ BFEE104/ BHME104/ BNS032/ BNS103/ BNS203/ BPOI001/ BPOI101/ BWEE005/ MGY002/  MIR013/ MVE002/ BFDI073/ BPVI042/ BLP001/ MME202/MME302/ BPVI021/ BNRI102/ BPVI032/ BRL008/ BSM005/ES333/ BGP3/ BCS092/  BUDC131/BPSC133/MEG03/ MSK03/ MHI04/ MPC003/ MPA003/MPA013/MAN001/ MRD103/ MCFT003/ MDE413/MTM03/ MTTM03/ MEV13/ MDV103/ MGS003/ MMT004/ MST003/ MCH003/ MPC053/ MEDS053/ MLE013/ MSD013/  MBP003/ MCS013/ MCS203/  RES102/ RAN102/ RPA102/ RPC102/ RPS102/ RSO102/ RLI012/ RDR102/ RGD002/ Group-6 ( EHD04/BEGE104/ /BEGE107/EPS06/EPS09/EEC07/BECE107/ EHI06/EPA06/ESO16/ MTE13/ BPY011/ BULE006/)/ BAB103/ BPVI003/ BPVI012/ OULE002/ BLI223/ BSW043/ OSEI042/ BMS002/  BLII013/ BES123/ BBCCT111/  BANC131/ BANC133/ BBCCT103/  BPHCT131/ BPHCT135/
29.03.2022 TUEMHD06/ MPS004/  MSO004/ MEC004/ MLII102/   MFN004 /  MSW003/ MES014/ MAEE002/ MESE062/ MPYE003/ MFC004/  MWG004/  MTT013/  MJM023/  MS04/  PGDT04/  MLI004/ MES007/  MES084/  MAW004/ MIP104/  MEV004/ BCS040/   RDV002/ RHCE001/ RLE006/ RTT102/ RSW002/ RCSE001/ RFLE106/ RFNE002/ RNS002/   AHE01/ BAPI002/ BES019/ BHME105/ BNS104/ BNS204/ BPOI002/ BPOI102/ BWEE006/ DNHE01/ MGY003/ MIR014/ BJLI004/ OVA003/ BRL002/ES341/ BCS093/ MSE024/BFD074/ BES001/ IBO4/    MEG04/ MSK05/ MHI05/ MPC004/ MPA004/ MPA014/ MAN002/ MRD004/ MCFT004/ MSW012/ MDE414/ MTM04/MTTM04/ MEV14/ MDV004/  MGS004/ MMT005/ MST004/ MCH004/ MPC054/ MEDS054/  MLE014/ MSD014/  MBP004/ MCS206/   RES103/ RAN103/ RPA103/ RPS103/ RSOE101/ RLI013/ RDR103/    BAB104/  BLI224/  BMS003/ ORU001/ OULE005/ BSW044/ BSWE002/ OUL002/ BSM002/ BLII014/BSL002/ CHR12/ PHE15/ BEV003/ MME012/ ONR002/ BSSI013/ BPC003/  MIS23/ ECO05/BES124/    BANC101/ BANC105/ BECC101/ BECC105/ BEGC101/ BEGC105/ BHDC101/ BHDC105/ BHIC101/ BHIC105/  BPAC105/ BPCC101/ BPCC105/ BPSC101/ BPSC105/ BSOC101/ BSOC105/  BMTC131/ BMTC133/
 30.03.2022 WEDMHD01/ MPSE01/ MSOE01/ MEC105/ MLII103/  MFN005/  MSW004 / MES015/ MPYE004/ MWG005/  MTT014/  MJM024/  MS05/  MED005/  MLI005/ MES008/ MSEI021/  MIP105/  MEV005/  BCS041/ IBO5/ LSE03/ BAPI004/ MWR001/ RBC003/ RCH003/RGGE102/ RGYE112/ RMSE001/  BJM001/ BLE001/ BLE011/ BLE031/ BLE035/ BAL001/ BAQ001/ BEDS001/ BEE001/  BES002/  BFE101/ BFLI001/  BHC011/ BHM101/ BHT001/ BHT011/  BHT016/ BJLI001/ BNS011/ BNS040/ BNS117/ BPOI006/ BPR001/ CLT101/ CPI101/ DCE01/ DTG001/ MAM001/ MCMM001/ MIR021/ MNR001/ MTT001/ MVE003/ OEE001/ OEY001/ BNRI103/ BPVI033/ OLP001/ MCMM101/ NES101/ ODN001/ OMU001/ OMU005/OTH001/ BRL003/ ES342/ BPVI043/ BLPI002/ BPVI022/ MVEI012/ MME203/MME303/ MEG05/  MHI03/  MPC005/  MPA005/ MPA015/  MANI003/ RDD06/  MCFT005/ MSW013/ MDE418/ MDE518/  MTM05/MTTM05/  MEV15/  MDV106/  MGS005/  MMT007/  MST005/  MLE015/  MSD015/  MBP005/  MCS015/MCS207/  Group-5( BHDE107/EEG06/ BEGE106/EPS15/ EHI05/ BECE15/ EPA05/ ESO15/ MTE11/ BPY009/ BULE005/ BECE016/  BPCE14/  BPCE15/ BPCE17/)/ RES104/ RANE101/ RPA104/ RPS104/ RSOE102/ RDR104/    MEV021/ BKL001/ DHHM01/ BPVI004/ BPVI013/ OSE043/  BSM006/ BES125/   BBCCT113/ BEGC131/ BBCCT101/ BEGC133/ BPAC108/  
31.03.2022 THUMHD05/ MPSE02 / MSOE02/ MEC006/ MEC106/ MLII104/  MFN006/ MSW006/ MES016/ MPYE005/ MTT015/  MJM025/  MS06 MED006/  MLI006/  MSEI022/  MIP106/  MEVE001/  BCS042/ IBO6/  MWG006/ MWG009/ MEDS003/ MHA001/ RTT103/ RCSE002/ RNS003/ ASP01/ CTE01/ CTE101/ CIT001/ MTT004/ BES004/ CLT102/ CLT103/ CLT104/  ES343/ BCS094/  BRL004/ BAPI005/    MEG06/  MHI06/  MPC006/ MANE001/ RDD07/ MCFT006/ MDE415/  MTM06/ MTTM06/ MEV16/ MDV109/ MGSE001/ MMT003/ MSTE001/  MLE016 MSD016/  MBP006/ MCS208/   BSM003/ BSSI014/  CHE01/CHE02/  MIS24/ BES141/    BHIC133/ BHDC107/ BHIC107/ BPAC107/ BSOC107/  BESC131/
01.04.2022 FRI MCO01/ MHD07/ MPSE03/ MSOE03/ MEC007/ MLIE101/ MGPE009/ MFN007/ MSWE010/ MES101/ MES111/ MES131/ MES041/ MAE001/ MWG007/ MWG010/  MTT016/  MJM026/  MS07/  MS495/ MED007/  MLI007/  MSEI023/ MIP107/ MEVE002/ MEDS005/ BCS051/ MPYE006/  MWR002/ RBC005/ RCHE001/ RGGE103/ RGYE114/     AED01/ BEG006/  BES017/ BFEE103/ BHC015/ BHME103/ BNS031/  BNS115/ BPOI005/ BPOI105/BWEE004/ DCE05/ CIT002/ MGY001/ MIR012/ MSW031 / MVE004/ BNRI104/ BPVI034/  BRL010/ES344/ BPVI044/  BPVI023/ MEG07/ MPCE011/ MPCE021/ MPCE031/ MPA007/ MPA017/ MANE002/ MRDE101/  MCFT007/ MSW014/ MDE416/  MTM07/ MTTM07/ MEVE14/ MDV105/ MGSE002/ MMT006/ MSTE002/  MSD017/ MBP007/  MCS22/   RANE102/RPCE105/RSOE004/    AEC01/ BAB102/ / BSW042/ BSWE001/ MEV025/ TS07/ BSMA002/ OSEI044/ BSSI015/BHT006/  ECO07/ BES142 /   BEGC107/ BHDC110/ BHIC110/ BPAC110/ BPYC131/ BEGLA137/ BHDLA137/ 
02.04.2022 SAT   MS27/  MS57/  MS68/  MGPE010/   AST01/ JMC03/ MER002/ BNS109/ BWA002/ BUDC132/  MCSE004/ MCS221/ MMPC005/ MTE04/ MTE05/ / BSW121/ BPCC107/ BPCG173/ BCOC131/ BCOC135/ BPAC132/ BPAC134/ BCHCT131/
04.04.2022 MON MS28/  MS423/  MS612/ MFP02/ MGPE011/ MHA020/ BPHE101/ BPHE102/ ECO01/  JMC04/ PHE01/ PHE02/  MSK007/ BWA003/ BPSC134/MCSE011/ MTE14/ MTE03/ TS05/  BEGLA135/ BHDLA135/ BSKLA135/ BUDLA135/ BMYLA135/ BSOC104/BODLA135/BGULA135/
05.04.2022 TUEMGPE013/ BNS110/ LSE10/LSE13/ ECO11/    BHDC131/ BHDC133/ BGDG172/ BTMC134/ BTMC138/ BZYCT135/ BZYCT131/Group-1( EHD01/BGSE001/BHDE101/EHD05/BEGE101/ EHI01/ BHIE107/  EHI07/ EEC11/EPA01/ /MTE01/BPY001/ BULE001/ BSWE04/ BPC001/) / MCS014/ BSM011/  
06.04.2022 WED ESO12/ MER003/ MPS003/ BESC132/ MSK008/ BWA004/ LSE01/PHE13/ ECO10/ MGS043/ MMPC006/ BCOC132/ BECC131/ BCOC136/ BECC133/ BANC110/ BGYCT137/
07.04.2022 THUFST01/ PHE16/ BNS111/ BANS183/  BEGS183/  BHDS183/ BPCS185/ BPCS183/ BCOS183/ BHIC131/ MCS21/ BPY002/ MSW011/ BSMA004/ BPY010/  
08.04.2022 FRIBEVAE181/ BEGA001/ PHE09/ ESO11/ RITS001/
09.04.2022 SATMER004/ BHMCT101/ TS06/ MTE08/   BGGCT132/ BTMC132/ BGGCT135/ BTMC136/  CHE04/ ESO14/ MVA020/ MMPC007/   BPCC110/ BSOC109/ BECC110 / BPCG174 / BHIC132/ BHIC134/ 
11.04.2022 MONECO08/ BCOE108/ MFP04/ BSKC134/ CS71/BUDC134/ CHE06/ BPSC132/ BPY012/  

How to download IGNOU TEE Exam date Sheet

Step 1: Go to the official website of IGNOU, i.e., ignou.ac.in.
Step 2: On the homepage, click on the link that reads, ‘IGNOU TEE December 2021 date sheet
Step 3: A new page will appear on the screen.
Step 4: Save it and take a print out of the same for future reference.

Important points for IGNOU Term End Exam 2022

  1. To ensure health and safety of students, guidelines issued by Government of India for maintaining the Social Distancing and other measures pertaining to COVID-19 will strictly be adhered to by all the examination centres.
  2. Students are also required to adhere to the guidelines and maintain the Social Distancing and hygiene to ensure safety and health of their own, fellow students and staff at the examination centre.
  3. In view of the prevailing Covid-19 scenario across the country, some students may not get the desired Examination Centre. The University has tried to accommodate such students in a nearby Examination Centre mentioned in their Hall Ticket.
  4. Every day, the Examination will be held in two sessions, i.e. Morning Session from 10 AM to 1 PM and Evening Session from 2 PM to 5 PM. However, the actual duration of each exam will be mentioned on the Question Paper. 
  5. Hall Tickets of the eligible students will be available on the University web site soon. Students are advised to visit the University website regularly and download their Hall Ticket and follow the instructions printed on the Hall Ticket.
  6. Students may note that there can be a possibility of last minute change of examination Centre due to Covid-19 situation or any other reason. In such a condition, the University will take appropriate remedial measures. The affected students are advised to be in touch with their respective Regional Centers.
  7. Answer to the question paper will only be accepted in the language (s) in which the programme is offered. Answer script attempted in any other language will be not evaluated and cancelled without any information. However, students have an option to attempt the examination of the course (s) in Hindi medium irrespective of registration of the same in English medium (except for language programmes).

IGNOU Hall Ticket or Admit Card 2022

IGNOU will issue hall tickets to all students who are eligible to take the exam. The hall ticket is distributed seven to eight days before the exam. After the official release, students will be able to download the hall ticket online. The IGNOU Hall Ticket is a necessary document to have on hand on the day of the exam. No students will be admitted unless they have an IGNOU admit card. Also, on the day of the exam, bring a valid identification card.

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