BSCG (Bachlore of Science General) Course Full Detail 2021

Duration of the Programme

(Minimum – 3 Years, Maximum – 6 Years) To fulfill the requirements for acquiring the B.Sc., a student may clear all the courses in a minimum of three years and a maximum of 6 years. In case the student is unable to pass all the courses of the B.Sc. programme in 6 years, s/he can continue for another two years by seeking Re-admission to the courses which s/he is unable to successfully complete.

For further information regarding the re-admission rules and paying the requisite fee, you may contact the Regional Center. You may also get this information from IGNOU website. But, you are advised to pass all the courses successfully in 3 years.

Subjects offered in the IGNOU BSCG Course:

1. Botany

2. Chemistry

3. Geography

4. Geology

5. Mathematics

6. Physics

7. Zoology


The programme fee, exclusive of examination fee is ₹ 12,600/- for full programme to be paid
year wise @ ₹ 4,200/- per year. Fee to be paid in first year, including Registration Fee of
₹ 200/- is ₹ 4,400/-

BSCG Programme Credit System:

Term End Examination

As stated earlier, Term End examination is another component of the evaluation system. For
non-laboratory courses, Term End Examination carries 70% weightage in the final result. For
laboratory courses, assigned unguided experiments similar to term-end examination carry
30% weightage.
If you get a pass score (35% marks or D grade) in a course in the Term End Examination,
you will not be allowed to reappear in the subsequent examinations in that course for
improvement of marks. In case, you fail to get a pass score in the Tem-end Examination, you
will be eligible to reappear in the next Term End Examination for that course as and when it
is held, within the total span of the programme

Evalution system for IGNOU BSCG

The evaluation consists of two components:

(1) continuous evaluation through assignments,
(2) term-end examination.

You must pass both in continuous evaluation as well as in the term-end examination of a course to earn the credits assigned to that course. In the final result, the assignment of a theory course carries 30% weightage, while 70% weightage is given for the term-end examination. IGNOU uses 10-Point Grading System for evaluating learners’ achievement for CBCS programmes as under:

10-Point Grading System of IGNOU in the light of UGC-CBCS Guidelines

Letter Grade Numerical Grade Percentage
O (Outstanding)10 ≥ 85
A+ (Excellent)9≥ 75 to ˂ 85
A (Very Good)8 ≥ 65 to ˂ 75
B+ (Good)7≥ 55 to ˂ 65
B (Above Average)6 ≥ 50 to ˂ 55
C (Average)5≥ 40 to ˂ 50
D (Pass)4 ≥ 35 to ˂ 40
F (Fail)0˂ 35
Ab (Absent)0 Absent


Assignments constitute the continuous evaluation component of a course. As mentioned
above assignments of a course carry 30% weightage while 70% weightage is given to the
term-end examination (TEE). The marks that you get in your assignments will be counted in
your final result. Therefore, you are advised to take your assignments seriously. However,
there will be no written assignments for Lab courses.

You have to complete the assignments in time. You will not be allowed to appear for
the term-end examination for a course if you do not submit the specified number of
assignments in time for that course. If you appear in Term End Examination without
submitting the assignments then the result of term-end examination is liable to be

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