IGNOU BSCG Assignment 2023 {Download}

IGNOU BSCG Assignment 2023: IGNOU University has uploaded its current BSCG session assignment for the 2023 session year. Students in the BSCG program can now download assignments from this page. Applicants must be forced to download these assignments in order to obtain permission to participate in the final exam of the BSCG training session.

It also informs all BSCG students that they will receive assignments for each BSCG course after downloading. EACH ASSIGNMENT must be created separately so that IGNOU Evaluators can easily verify your assignment.

IGNOU BSCG Assignment Submission Last Date for 2023

For June 2023 Exam: 15th April 2023

For Dec 2023 Exam: 30th October 2023

Physics Assignment 2023

BPHCT-131 Hindi | English

BPHCT-133 Hindi | English

BPHCT- 135 Hindi | English

BPHCT-137 Hindi | English

BPHET-141 Hindi | English

BPHET-143 Hindi English

Biology Assignment 2023

BBYCT-131 Hindi | English

BBYCT-133 Hindi English

BBYCT-135 Hindi | English

BBYCT-137 Hindi | English

BBYET-141 Hindi | English

BBYET-143 Hindi | English

Chemistry Assignment 2023

BCHCT-131 Hindi | English

BCHCT-133 Hindi | English

BCHCT-135 Hindi | English

BCHCT-137 Hindi | English

BCHET-141 Hindi English

BCHET-147 Hindi English

BCHET-149 Hindi | English

BCHEL-148 Hindi

Zoology Assignment 2023

BZYCT-131 Hindi | English

BZYCT-133 Hindi | English

BZYCT-135 Hindi | English

BZYCT-137 Hindi | English

BZYET-141 Hindi | English

BZYET-143 Hindi | English

Mathematics Assignment 2023

BMTC-131 Hindi | English

BMTC-132 Hindi | English

BMTC-133 Hindi | English

BMTC-134 Hindi | English

BMTE-141 Hindi English

BMTE-144 Hindi English

Geography Assignment 2023

BGGCT-131 Hindi English

BGGCT-132 Hindi | English

BGGCT-133 Hindi | English

BGGCT-135 Hindi | English

BGGET-141 Hindi | English

BGGET-142 Hindi | English

Geology Assignment 2023

BGYCT-131 Hindi | English

BGYCT-133 Hindi | English

BGYCT-135 Hindi | English

BGYCT-137 Hindi | English

BGYET-141 Hindi | English

BGYET-147 Hindi | English

How can I get a good grade in the IGNOU assignment?

In order to get a good result in the IGNOU assignment, you must follow the following methods:

  • The subject (answer) must be ourselves.
  • All our answers should be unique and not copied from anywhere.
  • For this task, I wrote all the answers in simple and understandable words.
  • We make every effort to write to do our best.
  • We will check after completing all the tasks.
  • When submitting a job, we will comply with all Ignou rules.
  • All release pages must be properly organized and attached to 1 file.
  • Please write all answers by hand.
  • Use the appropriate indentation.
  • Be sure to include the appropriate number in the answer.
  • To create tasks, use only blank A4 paper.
  • Please attach a copy of the printed release to the front of the file along with the release code for future reference.

Where should I send my IGNOU BSCG Assignment?

If you have completed your assignment, please send the IGNOU assignment to your designated Study Center Coordinator. Be sure to receive a receipt when you submit your BSCG assignment.

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