IGNOU BEd Assignment 2022-23 (Free pdf download)

If you’re looking for the IGNOU B.Ed Assignment for the 2022–2023 session, click here to download it. Download the PDF files from here. New students who enroll in the July or January 2023 sessions need to take the term-end exam and submit their B.Ed solved assignments before the last date. You can download the IGNOU B.Ed assignment in English or Hindi for free from the university’s official website. Click here to download the IGNOU B.Ed assignment question paper.

We also inform all the B.Ed students that once you download them, you will get the assignments for each course in your B.Ed program. You must make each assignment separately so that the IGNOU evaluators can easily verify your assignments.

IGNOU B.Ed Assignment 2023: Overview

IGNOU students can download the IGNOU B.Ed Solved Assignment 2023 from the official website of IGNOU. The online IGNOU 2023 Solved Assignment is available, as well as all study materials in PDF format. The study resources will help the students score well in the exam.

UniversityIGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
Programme CodeB.Ed
SessionJuly 2023 and January 2023
Last Date of Submission of IGNOU BCOMG AssignmentFor July Session – April 30
For January Session – October 30
Assignment Course(B.Ed)

Please read the section on assignments in the Programme Guide for Elective Courses. A weightage of 30 per cent, as you are aware, has been earmarked for continuous evaluation, which would consist of one tutor-marked assignment for this course. The maximum marks for all the parts are 100, of which 35% are needed to pass it.

Download the latest assignment from below:

1st Year1st Year
2nd Year2nd Year
2nd Year2nd Year
1st Year1st Year

What is the last date for assignment submission 2023?

last date for assignment submission is:

For June 2023 session: 30th April 2023

For Dec 2023 session: 30th October 2023

How to get Good Marks in IGNOU B.Ed Assignment 2023?

We would like to advice you the following points to get good marks in ignou B.Ed assignment question paper.

  • Write in Neet and Clean Handwritting
  • Always use A4 Sheet with 1 side linning paper
  • Always attempt all the questions. Write a complete answer; try to cover all the major parts of the answer. An incomplete answer sheet will lead you to poor marks.
  • Don’t Copy paste answer from the study material provided by IGNOU; use your own words and language to answer the questions.
  • Do not copy from the answers of other students. If the teacher noticed a copied assignment, the assignments of such students will probably be rejected.

How to Solve ignou B.Ed Assignment Paper?

As explicitly stated in the assignment questionnaire, students should undertake a comprehensive study of the “study materials” provided free of charge by IGNOU and give a reasonable answer to the question based on the results obtained in their own words. First of all, it is important to submit to the IGNOU Study Center every Assignment related to your course by the deadline for acceptance; otherwise
Each question has a unique marking and will be printed on each question.

Candidates must write the solution to all questions that are written in the B.Ed assignment file. IGNOU B.Ed Students have to submit each subject assignment to IGNOU Study Center in which they get registered. You have to submit it before the due date to appear in Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU.

Important instruction For Writing B.Ed Assignment

  • Before attempting the assignment, please read the following instructions carefully.
  • On top of the first page of your answer sheet, please write the details exactly in the following format:
  1. ROLL NO.
  2. NAME
  8. DATE

Click here to download the assignment front page

  • Use only foolscap size writing paper (but not of very thin variety) for writing your answers.
  • Leave 4 cm margin on the left, top and bottom of your answer sheet.
  • Your answers should be precise.
  • While solving problems, clearly indicate which part of which question is being solved.
  • This assignment is to be submitted to the Study Centre as per the schedule made by the study centre.
  • Answer sheets received after the due date shall not be accepted.
  • We strongly suggest that you retain a copy of your answer sheets.
  • You cannot fill the Exam Form for this course till you have submitted this assignment. So solve it and submit it to your study centre at the earliest.

How To Download IGNOU B.Ed solved assignment?

  • Search Your Assignment then select and click on your medium from above.
  • Choose Your Subject and Medium Appropriatly .
  • Click On the Download Link.
  • Print or save PDF of Assignment Ppaer in your phone or laptop


From this post, you can download the IGNOU B.Ed Solved Assignment for the years 2022-2023. You can also download the B.Ed 1st Year Solved Assignment, B.Ed 2nd Year Assignment Solutions, Solved Assignment with Assignment Question paper & assignment solved paper or solved assignment Answer. Thanks for reading this page. Share it with B.Ed Course Students.

FAQ’s for B.Ed Assignment

How can I submit IGNOU assignment 2023 offline?

If you have finished your assignment, submit it to the coordinator of the study center you were admitted to. Get a receipt for submission of B.Ed Assignments. Later students can check their ignou assignment submission status.

Is IGNOU assignment marks calculated?

Yes, Assignment have 30% weightage in your overall subject marks.

What if I fail in my IGNOU assignment?

You need to make a new assignment again and submit it to your reginal center.

Can I use A4 paper for IGNOU assignment?

Yes, you can make your assignment on the A4 size paper.

What is the last date for IGNOU Assignment Submission

You need to submit assignment to appear in the term end exam, so last date for assignment submission is:
For Dec Exam: 31st October,
For June Exam: 30th April

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