Download IGNOU BCA Previous Year Question Paper {Pdf}

Download IGNOU BCA Previous Year Question Paper in pdf. Students participating in the IGNOU semester and exam [year] must complete their full program as well as begin exam practice.

At IGNOU, it’s important to solve BCA past question paper. This makes it more likely that students will score well in their tee exams.

IGNOU BCA Previous Year Question Paper

If you were searching for the IGNOU BCA (Bachelor’s Degree In Computer Application) Previous Year Question Papers,

then finally you are at right place as IGNOU Bachelor’s Degree In Computer Application Previous Year Question Papers is now available for free download.

IGNOU BCA question paper June 2022 Tee Exam

FEG-2 EnglishJune 2022
ECO-1 Business OrganizationJune 2022
BCS-11Computer Basics and PC SoftwareJune 2022
BCS-12Basic MathematicsJune 2022
BCSL-13Computer Basics and PC Software Lab
ECO-2 Accountancy-1 June 2022
MCS-011Problem Solving and ProgrammingJune 2022
MCS-012Computer Organization and Assembly Lang ProgrammingJune 2022
MCS-015Communication SkillsJune 2022
MCS-013Discrete MathematicsJune 2022
 BCSL-021C Language Programming Lab
 BCSL-022Assembly Language Programming Lab
MCS-021Data and File StructuresJune 2022
MCS-023Introduction to Database Management SystemsJune 2022
MCS-014Systems Analysis and DesignJune 2022
BCS-31Programming in C++June 2022
BCSL-32C++ Programming Lab
BCSL-33Data and File Structures Lab
BCS-040Statistical TechniquesJune 2022
MCS-024Object Oriented Technologies and Java ProgrammingJune 2022
 BCS-41 Fundamentals of Computer Networks   June 2022
BCS-42      Introduction to Algorithm Design    June 2022

IGNOU BCA question paper December 2021 Tee Exam

BCS-011Computer Basics and PC SoftwareDec 2021
BCS-012Basics MathematicsDec 2021
BCS-031Programming In C++Dec 2021
BCS-040Statistical TechniquesDec 2021
BCS-041Fundamental of Computer NetworksDec 2021
BCS-042Introduction to Algorithm DesignDec 2021
BCS-051Introduction to Software EngineeringDec 2021
BCS-052Network Programming and AdministrationDec 2021
BCS-053Web ProgrammingDec 2021
BCS-054Computer Oriented Numerical TechniquesDec 2021
BCS-055Business CommunicationDec 2021
BCS-061TCP / IP ProgrammingDec 2021
BCS-062E-CommerceDec 2021
CS-71Dec 2021

IGNOU BCA question paper June 2021 Tee Exam

BCS-011Computer Basics and PC SoftwareJUNE 2021
BCS-012Basics MathematicsJUNE 2021
BCS-031Programming In C++JUNE 2021
BCS-040Statistical TechniquesJUNE 2021
BCS-041Fundamental of Computer NetworksJUNE 2021
BCS-042Introduction to Algorithm DesignJUNE 2021
BCS-051Introduction to Software EngineeringJUNE 2021
BCS-052Network Programming and AdministrationJUNE 2021
BCS-053Web ProgrammingJUNE 2021
BCS-054Computer Oriented Numerical TechniquesJUNE 2021
BCS-055Business CommunicationJUNE 2021
BCS-062E-CommerceJUNE 2021

IGNOU BCA question paper December 2020 Tee Exam

BCS-011Computer Basics and PC SoftwareDec 2020
BCS-012Basics MathematicsDec 2020
BCS-031Programming In C++Dec 2020
BCS-040Statistical TechniquesDec 2020
BCS-041Fundamental of Computer NetworksDec 2020
BCS-042Introduction to Algorithm DesignDec 2020
BCS-051Introduction to Software EngineeringDec 2020
BCS-052Network Programming and AdministrationDec 2020
BCS-053Web ProgrammingDec 2020
BCS-054Computer Oriented Numerical TechniquesDec 2020
BCS-055Business CommunicationDec 2020
BCS-061TCP / IP ProgrammingDec 2020
BCS-062E-CommerceDec 2020
CS-60Foundation Course in Mathematics in ComputingDec 2020
CS-62‘C’ Programming and Data StructureDec 2020
CS-63Introduction to System SoftwareDec 2020
CS-64Introduction to Computer OrganisationDec 2020
CS-66MultimediaDec 2020
CS-68Computer NetworksDec 2020
CS-71Computer Oriented Numerical TechniquesDec 2020
CS-72C++ and Object Oriented ProgrammingDec 2020
CS-73Theory of Computer ScienceDec 2020
CS-74Introduction to Internet ProgrammingDec 2020
CS-75Intranet AdministrationDec 2020
CS-611Computer Fundamentals and PC SoftwareDec 2020
CS-612PC Software SkillsDec 2020

IGNOU BCA question paper June 2020 Tee Exam

BCS-011Computer Basics and PC SoftwareJune 2020
BCS-012Basics MathematicsJune 2020
BCS-031Programming In C++June 2020
BCS-040Statistical TechniquesJune 2020
BCS-041Fundamental of Computer NetworksJune 2020
BCS-042Introduction to Algorithm DesignJune 2020
BCS-051Introduction to Software EngineeringJune 2020
BCS-052Network Programming and AdministrationJune 2020
BCS-053Web ProgrammingJune 2020
BCS-054Computer Oriented Numerical TechniquesJune 2020
BCS-055Business CommunicationJune 2020
BCS-061TCP / IP ProgrammingJune 2020
BCS-062E-CommerceJune 2020
CS-60Foundation Course in Mathematics in ComputingJune 2020
CS-62‘C’ Programming and Data StructureJune 2020
CS-63Introduction to System SoftwareJune 2020
CS-64Introduction to Computer OrganisationJune 2020
CS-66MultimediaJune 2020
CS-68Computer NetworksJune 2020
CS-71Computer Oriented Numerical TechniquesJune 2020
CS-72C++ and Object Oriented ProgrammingJune 2020
CS-73Theory of Computer ScienceJune 2020
CS-74Introduction to Internet ProgrammingJune 2020
CS-75Intranet AdministrationJune 2020
CS-611Computer Fundamentals and PC SoftwareJune 2020
CS-612PC Software SkillsJune 2020
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