IGNOU BAG Admission 2023-24: Course Details, Eligibility, Fee and Last Date best

IGNOU Bachelor of Arts (BAG) Admissions 2023: IGNOU BAG admission is about to begin in the popular 3-year undergraduate program. The final admission date for IGNOU BAG 2023 is Feb 30. choice. IGNOU offered undergraduate programs in many majors such as SOCIOLOGY, POLITICAL SCIENCE, Hindi, English, Economics, etc. The admission procedure for the various courses is very easy.

Students eligible for admission to the IGNOU BAG program who have at least passed Class 12th at a successfully recognized board. This programme is offered by IGNOU School of Social Sciences.

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IGNOU BAG Programme Details 2023-24

ignou bag admission
ignou bag admission

what is bag course in ignou

IGNOU BAG online admission have already started and the online admission link can be found on the official IGNOU website. To apply to IGNOU, you must register on the IGNOU Admissions website. pay a minimum registration fee of Rs 200 with the Course fee for a BAG course.

UniversityIGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)
DepartmentSchool of Sciences
Programme Code BAG
Programme Name Bachelor of Arts General
Duration3 Years
Course FeeRs. 3,800 /- per year Total = Rs. 11,400/-
SessionJanuary and July 2023-24
Eligibility10+2 or its equivalent
MediumBoth English & Hindi
Admission OpensJanuary and July 2022-23
Admission Websiteignou.ac.in

IGNOU BAG Admission last date

What are the Months of IGNOU Online admission? & Last date of apply for the admission in BAG (Bachelor in Art General) Course is as:

For July 2022-23 Session Students 30 March
For January 2023-24 Session Students 30 September

Documents required for BAG admission in IGNOU

List of documents required for the filling of form are :

  • Marksheet of class 10 and 12
  • Scanned copy your photograph and signature
  • age proof or birth certificate
  • Category certificate (if OBC/SC/ST)
  • And at last you may pay the fee via net banking.
  • The fee for the BAG programme is 3800 And registration fee is 200

IGNOU BAG Admission 2023-24

IGNOU offers Bachelor of Arts Degree with the following Disciplines:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Economics
  3. History
  4. Political Science
  5. Psychology
  6. Public Administration
  7. Sociology
  8. Mathematics
  9. Hindi
  10. Urdu
  11. English
  12. Sanskrit
  13. Education
  14. Philosophy

What is the fees of IGNOU BAG Programme?

IGNOU BAG Fees is Rs 11400 for all ignou bag 2nd year fees ,3 years. The fees can be paid 3800 per year. For first year you also need to pay a Rs 200 registration fees for the Programme.

Can I Take Online Admission in IGNOU?

  • Selection will be based on scores obtained in the final academic exam or entrance exam.
  • The university offers undergraduate programs mainly through selection. The program is a wide range of disciplines, courses based on knowledge and skills.
  • The University provides all programs in accordance with this system. 1 unit is designed for 30 hours of study. In order to get a bachelor’s degree, you need to get 6 credits in 132 semesters.
  • The IGNOU Admissions Committee will soon publish a list of the benefits of successful applicants.
  • The selected student will contact the regional office of the university and provide their academic background and identification documents.

IGNOU BAG Subjects & Course details

IGNOU Bag syllabus

You need to select two discipline from the table given below. You can select only one discipline from any particular group:

Group-3Political SciencePublic AdministrationMathematicsPhilosophy

Discipline-wise List of Courses for BAG

The lists of courses from different Disciplines available under each of the five categories [Core Courses (CC), Discipline Specific Electives (DSE), Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC), Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC), and Generic Electives (GE)] are given in the following tables:


Course CodeTitle of the CourseNo of Credits
BANC 131Anthropology and Research Methods6
BANC 132Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology6
BANC 133Fundamentals of Social and Cultural Anthropology6
BANC 134Fundamentals of Archaeological Anthropology6
BECC 131Principles of Microeconomics-I6
BECC 132Principles of Microeconomics-II6
BECC 133Principles of Macroeconomics-I6
BECC 134Principles of Macroeconomics-II6
BHIC 131History of India from the Earliest Times upto c. 300 CE6
BHIC 132History of India from c.300 to 12066
BHIC 133History of India from c.1206 to 17076
BHIC 134History of India from c. 1707 to 19506
Political Science
BPSC 131Introduction to Political Theory6
BPSC 132Indian Government and Politics6
BPSC 133Comparative Government and Politics6
BPSC 134Introduction to International Relations6
BPCC 131Foundations of Psychology6
BPCC 132Introduction to Social Psychology6
BPCC 133Psychological Disorders6
BPCC 134Statistical Methods and Psychological Research6
Public Administration
BPAC 131Perspectives on Public Administration6
BPAC 132Administrative Thinkers6
BPAC 133Administrative system at Union Level6
BPAC 134Administrative system at State and District Levels6
BSOC 131Introduction to Sociology6
BSOC 132Sociology of India6
BSOC 133Sociological Theories6
BSOC 134Methods of Sociological Enquiry6
BHDC 131हहॊदी साहहत्म का इधतहास 6
BHDC 132भध्म कारीन हहॊदी कववता6
BHDC 133आधुधनक हहॊदी कववता6
BHDC 134हहॊदी गद्य साहहत्म6
BUDC 131Study of Prose & Poetic Form in Urdu6
BUDC 132Study of Urdu Classical Ghazal6
BUDC 133Origin & Development of Urdu Language6
BUDC 134Study of Urdu Nazm6
BEGC 131Individual & Society6
BEGC 132Selections From Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity6
BEGC 133British Literature6
BEGC 134Reading The Novel6
BSKC 131सॊस्कृत ऩद्य साहहत्म6
BSKC 132सॊस्कृत गद्य साहहत्म6
BSKC 133सॊस्कृत नाटक6
BSKC 134सॊस्कृत व्माकयण6
BMTC 131Calculus6
BMTC 132Differential Equations6
BMTC 133Real Analysis6
BMTC 134Algebra6
BESC 131Education: Concept, Nature and Perspectives6
BESC 132Structure and Management of Education6
BESC 133Curriculum, Teaching-Learning and Assessment6
BESC 134Education as a Practice6
BPYC 131Indian Philosophy6
BPYC 132Ethics 6
BPYC 133Logic 6
BPYC 134Western Philosophy: Modern 6
Modern Indian Languages
BHDLA 135हहॊदी बाषा :  ववववध प्रमोग6
BHDLA 136हहॊदी बाषा :  रेखन कौशर6
BHDLA 137हहॊदी बाषा :  सॊप्रेषण कौशर6
BHDLA 138हहॊदी साहहत्म :  ववववध ववधाएॉ6
BEGLA 135English In Daily Life6
BEGLA 136English At The Work Place6
BEGLA 137Language Through Literature        6
BEGLA 138Reading and Speaking Skills                      6
BSKLA 135सॊस्कृत  बाषा vऔय साहहत्म  6
BUDLA 135Study of Modern Urdu Prose & Poetry6
BODLA 135   Modern Indian Language: Odia                   6
BGULA 135   Modern Indian Language: Gujarati                   6
BMYLA 135Modern Indian Language: Malayalam6
BPBLA 135Modern Indian Language: Punjabi6
BMRLA 135Modern Indian Language: Marathi 6
BTGLA 135Modern Indian Language: Telugu6
BTLLA  135Modern Indian Language: Tamil6
BKDLA 135Modern Indian Language: Kannada6
BBGLA 135Modern Indian Language: Bengali6
BAALA 135Modern Indian Language: Assamese6
BBHLA 135 Modern Indian Language: Bhojpuri  6
BKMLA 135 Modern Indian Language: Bhojpuri  6
BNPLA 135 Modern Indian Language: Bhojpuri  6
BMPLA 135 Modern Indian Language: Bhojpuri  6


Course CodeTitle of the CourseNo of Credits
BANE 145Applied Anthropology6
BANE 146Anthropology of Indigenous People6
BECE 145Indian Economy – I6
BECE 146Indian Economy – II6
BHIE 141History of China: C. 1840-19786
BHIE 142History of Modern East Asia: Japan (1868-1945)6
BHIE 143History of Environment6
BHIE 144Traditions of History Writing in India6
BHIE 145Some aspects of European History: C. 1789 – 19456
Political Science
BPSE 141Gandhi and the Contemporary World6
BPSE 142India‘s Foreign Policy in a Changing World6
BPSE 143State Politics in India6
BPSE 144Introduction to South Asia6
BPSE 145Democracy and Development in Northeast India6
BPSE 146Conflict Resolution and Peace building6
BPCE 145Counselling Psychology6
BPCE 146Industrial/ Organisational Psychology6
Public Administration
BPAE 141Right to Information6
BPAE 142Organisational Behaviour6
BPAE 143Administrative System in BRICS6
BPAE 144Social Policies and Administration6
     BSOE 141Urban Sociology6
     BSOE 142Indian Sociological Traditions6
     BSOE 143Environmental Sociology6
     BSOE 144Reading Ethnographies6
     BSOE 145Religion and Society6
     BSOE 146Marriage, Family and Kinship6
     BSOE 148Social Stratification6
BHDE 141अस्स्भताभूरक ववभशस औय हहॊदी साहहत्म6
BHDE 142याष्ट्रीम काव्मधाया6
BHDE 143प्रेभचॊद6
BHDE 144छामावाद6
BUDE 141Study of Poet Mirza Ghalib6
BUDE 142Study of Prose Writer Meer Amman Dehlawi6
BEGE141Understanding Prose6
BEGE142Understanding Drama6
BEGE143Understanding Poetry6
BEGE145Soft Skills6
BSKE 141आमुवदे के भूर आधाय6
BSKE 142यॊगभॊच औय नाट्म करा6
BMTE 141Linear Algebra6
BMTE 144Numerical Analysis6
BESE 141ICT in Education6
BESE 142Lifelong Learning6
BPYE 141Metaphysics  6
BPYE 142Social and Political Philosophy 6


Course CodeTitle of the CourseNo of Credits
BEVAE 181Environmental Studies4
BEGAE 182English Communication Skills4
BHDAE 182हहॊदी बाषा औय सॊप्रेषण 4


Course CodeTitle of the CourseNo of Credits
BANS 183Tourism Anthropology       4
BANS 184Public Health and Epidemiology4
Course CodeTitle of the CourseNo of Credits
BECS 184Data Analysis4
BPCS 183Emotional Intelligence4
BPCS 184School Psychology4
BPCS 185Developing Emotional Competence4
BPCS 186Managing Stress4
BPCS 187Managing Human Resources4
BPCS 188Application of Social Psychology4
Public Administration
BPAS 184Logistics Management4
BPAS 186Stress and Time Management4
BSOS 184Techniques of Ethnographic Film Making4
BSOS 185Society through the Visual4
BHDS 183अनुवाद धसद्ाॊत औय प्रववधध4
BHDS 184येहडमो रेखन4
BEGS 183Writing And Study Skills4
BEGS 185English Language Teaching4
BEGS 186Business Communication4
BCOS183     Computer Application in Business4
BCOS184     E-Commerce4
BCOS185     Entrepreneurship4
BCOS186     Personal Selling and Salesmanship4


Gender and Development
Course CodeTitle of the CourseNo of Credits
BGDG 172Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture6
BPCG 171General Psychology6
BPCG 172Youth, Gender and Identity6
BPCG 173Psychology for Health andWell-being6
BPCG 174Psychology andMedia6
BPCG 175Psychology for Living6
BPCG 176Psychology of Gender6
Public Administration
BPAG 171Disaster Management6
BPAG 172Governance: Issues and Challenges6
BPAG 173E-Governance6
BPAG 174Sustainable Development6
     BSOG 171Indian Society: Images and Realities6
     BSOG 173Rethinking Development6
     BSOG 176Economy and Society6
     BHDG 173   सभाचाय ऩत्र औय पीचय रेखन6
     BHDG 175     e/;dkyhu Hkkjrh; lkfgR; vkSj laLd`fr6
BEGG 171Media and Communication Skills6
BEGG 172Language and Linguistics6
BEGG 173Academic Writing & Composition6
BEGG 174Creative Writing6
Social Sciences
Course CodeTitle of the CourseNo of Credits
BABG 171Understanding Ambedkar6
BPYG 171Applied Ethics  6
BPYG 172Philosophy of Religion 6
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Some FAQ of ignou bag admission

What documents are required for a BAG admission in IGNOU?

  • Latest Passport Size Photograph (Max size: 100 KB)
  • Signature (Max size: 100 KB)
  • Age Proof (Max size: 200 KB)
  • All Educational Certificates (Max size: 200 KB)
  • Category Certificate for SC/ST/PH/Minority candidates (Max size: 200 KB)
  • Experience Certificate (If required) (Max size: 200 KB)
  • BPL Certificate (If below poverty line) (Max size: 200 KB)

What is the benefit of IGNOU?

The ignou also offers various educational programs offering certificates, diplomas, and degrees. IGNOU graduates are eligible for jobs in public and private sectors as well as in various UPSC, CSS and banking examinations.

Is it tough to pass BA Economics from ignou?

Read the material provided by Ignor carefully (the material is sufficient to pass the test with ranks).

Watch the video to better understand this aspect. There are several lectures available for each subject (IGNOU) on YouTube.

Write down the important things.

Follow your study routine.

Don’t forget to complete the previous year’s question paper.

Trust yourself, you can do this.

Is an IGNOU degree valid for UPSC?

Yes, IGNOU graduates are eligible to appear for UPSC exams. Since IGNOU is a central institution, all its degrees and certificates are valid for UPSC and other board exams.

Can I go to the USA after getting a BA degree from IGNOU?

IGNOU diploma degrees are accepted everywhere as regular degrees. The title will be recognized as recognized by the UGC and AICTE IGNOU. As a result, the IGNOU title is valid in the United States.

How to apply for a BA in psychology at IGNOU this July session?

IGNOU initiates the admission of new students in various courses and publishes them through its official portal. To adopt BA psychology in ODL mode (open and distance learning), the process was initiated.

Admission will be offered in two cycles: January Session: 1 June-31 October (without late fee) and 1 November-30 November (with late fee of Rs. 200/- with late fee) July Session: 1 December-30 April (with late fee) and 1 May-31 May (with a late fee of 200/- with late fee)

Admission 2023: How to apply?
The steps to apply online for BA Psychology admission are as follows:

Visit the official website: On the ignou.ac.in homepage, click on the link indicating the admission program that new users need to register first. Click on the “Click here for new registration” button.
You will be redirected to the student enrolment form. Fill in the details and provide a valid email address and contact details.

This is required for registration confirmation and future communication.
Once the registration is complete, use the registered username and password to log in and register for the course.

What is the process of subject change in IGNOU?

Changes in elective courses up to Rs. The payment will be allowed within 30 days of receipt of the first course material. 200/- for 4 credit courses or a part thereof, rs. 400/- for courses with credit for 8 undergraduate courses. Post Graduate Programme Rs. 400/- 2/4 credit program and Rs. 800/-for 6/8 credit program.

What subjects should be taken for a BA in English in IGNOU?

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
BEGE 101From Language to Literature8
BEGE 102The Structure of Modern English8
BEGE 103Communication Skills in English8
BEGE 104English for Business Communication8
BEGE 105Understanding Prose8
BEGE 106Understanding Poetry8
BEGE 107Understanding Drama8
BEGE 108Reading the Novel8

Which is the easiest degree program/ course in IGNOU?

Bachelor of Arts is an easy course in IGNOU. It is a very simple undergraduate program, anyone can easily graduate in this program. There is no need to study so much. Show up in the test and write something with good handwriting on your answer sheet. You can easily graduate with good grades.

Does IGNOU provide a BA (Hons.) degree in political science?

Yes, IGNOU offers a BA (Hons) in Political Science. To get a BA (Hons) degree, you need to complete 48 credits in 3 years.

How can I apply for graduation in IGNOU?

The January session at IGNOU for the entrance leading three-year master’s degree programme began. The last date for IGNOU BA Admission 2023 is January 31 for January session and July session it is 30 September. The BA degree consists of core and elective subjects. IGNOU offers BA programs in many specializations such as sociology, political science, Hindi, English, economics, etc. The admission process for various courses will be purely merit-based.

What are the combinations of BA available in IGNOU?

What’s the BDP program at IGNOU?

How are practicals conducted for BA psychology in IGNOU?

What is the procedure for pursuing BAG from IGNOU?

How do I get admitted for a BA major degree at IGNOU?

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How tough is it to pursue BAG from IGNOU?

Are IGNOU exams annually or semester wise for BAG?

How do we get admission in IGNOU for a BAG in December?

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Does a B.A course from IGNOU also requires doing projects?

Is it easy to pass in BA exam from IGNOU?

What is the minimum passing marks for BA in IGNOU?

Is it important to attend classes in IGNOU for BA?

How can I get my textbooks for my BA in IGNOU?

Is BA in philosophy offered by IGNOU?

Is there a semester system in IGNOU for BA courses?

How do I change courses in IGNOU?

What is credit system of IGNOU? How do I select subject?

Is a B.A. at IGNOU good or bad?

What are the disadvantages of the IGNOU?

Can I change my subject in the second year in IGNOU?

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Does IGNOU offer a BA(Hons) in Psychology course?

Is BA English available in IGNOU?

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