IGNOU BSCG Assignments 2022 (Latest Updated)

IGNOU BSCG Assignment for July 2022 and January 2022: All IGNOU Students need to download the bscg solved assignment 2022-23 free download provided to you below and write answers their answers appropriatly and submit them to your reginal center before the last date.

Programme : BSCG

Session : July 2022 and January 2023

IGNOU BSCG Assignment Submission last date :

July session : April 30

January session : Octomber 30


Course CodeTitle of the CourseDownload (Medium)
BEGAE 182English Communication SkillsEnglish | Hindi
BHDAE 182हिंदी भाषा और संप्रेषणHindi

IGNOU BSCG Physics Assignment

BPHCT-131 Assignment Hindi | English

BPHCT-133 Assignment Hindi | English

BPHCT- 135 Assignment Hindi | English

BPHCT-137 Assignment Hindi | English

BPHET-141 Assignment Hindi | English

BPHET-143 Assignment Hindi English

IGNOU BSCG Botony Assignment

BBYCT-131 Assignment Hindi | English

BBYCT-133 Assignment Hindi English

BBYCT-135 Assignment Hindi | English

BBYCT-137 Assignment Hindi | English

BBYET-141 Assignment Hindi English

BBYET-143 Assignment Hindi | English

IGNOU BSCG Geology Assignment

BGYCT-131 Assignment Hindi | English

BGYCT-133 Assignment Hindi | English

BGYCT-135 Assignment Hindi | English

BGYCT-137 Assignment Hindi | English

BGYET-141 Assignment Hindi English

BGYET-147 Assignment Hindi | English

IGNOU BSCG Math Assignment

BMTC-131 Assignment Hindi | English

BMTC-132 Assignment Hindi | English

BMTC-133 Assignment Hindi | English

BMTC-134 Assignment Hindi | English

BMTE-141 Assignment Hindi English

BMTE-144 Assignment Hindi English

IGNOU BSCG Geography Assignment

BGGCT-131 Assignment Hindi English

BGGCT-132 Assignment Hindi | English

BGGCT-133 Assignment Hindi | English

BGGCT-135 Assignment Hindi | English

IGNOU BSCG Chemistry Assignment

BCHCT-131 Assignment Hindi English

BCHCT-133 Assignment Hindi | English

BCHCT-135 Assignment Hindi | English

BCHCT-137 Assignment Hindi | English

BCHET-141 Assignment Hindi | English

BCHET-147 Assignment Hindi English

BCHET-149Assignment Hindi English

IGNOU BSCG Zoology Assignment

BZYCT-131 Assignment Hindi | English

BZYCT-133 Assignment Hindi | English

BZYCT-135 Assignment Hindi | English

BZYCT-137 Assignment Hindi | English

BZYET-141 Assignment Hindi | English

BZYET-143 Assignment Hindi | English

IF you Did'nt found your required assignment here
Please Check out below page you will find your assignment there because some assignment are common for BAG/BSCG/BCOMG:

IGNOU BAG Assignments 2022


Course CodeTitle of the CourseDownload (medium)
BANS 183Tourism AnthropologyEnglish | Hindi
BPCS 185Developing Emotional CompetenceEnglish | Hindi
BEGS 183Writing and Study SkillsEnglish | Hindi
BCOS 183Computer Application in BusinessEnglish | Hindi
BHDS 183English | Hindi
BANS 184Public Health and EpidemiologyEnglish | Hindi
BES 184Data AnalysisEnglish | Hindi
BCOS 184E-CommerceEnglish | Hindi
BPAS 184Logistics ManagementEnglish | Hindi
BPS 184School PsychologyEnglish | Hindi
BPS 186Managing StressEnglish | Hindi
BSOS 184Techniques of Ethnographic Film MakingEnglish | Hindi
BHDS 184English | Hindi 
BPS 187Managing Human ResourcesEnglish | Hindi
BSOS 185Society through the VisualEnglish | Hindi
BEGS 185English Language TeachingEnglish | Hindi
BHDS 185English | Hindi 
BCOS 185EntrepreneurshipEnglish | Hindi
BPAS 186Stress and Time ManagementEnglish | Hindi
BPS 188Application of Social PsychologyEnglish | Hindi
BEGS 186Business CommunicationEnglish | Hindi
BHDS 186English | Hindi
BCOS 186Personal Selling and SlesmanshipEnglish | Hindi

This page includes 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year Assignment of BSCG Course.

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BSCG Exam Date SheetBSCG Pratical Exam
Admit Card / Hall TicketTEE Exam Date Sheet
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Exam FormPratical Exam

How to get Good Marks in IGNOU BSCG Assignments 2022 ?

We would like to advice you following points to get good marks in IGNOU assignments.

  • Write in Neet and Clean Handwritting
  • Always use A4 Sheet with 1 side linning paper
  • Always attempt all the questions. Write a complete answer try to cover all the major parts of the answer. An incomplete answer sheet will lead you to poor marks.
  • Don’t Copy paste answer from the study material provided by IGNOU; use your own words and language to answer the questions.
  • Do not copy from the answer of other students. If the teacher noticed a copied assignment, the assignments of such students will probably be rejected.

How To Download IGNOU BSCG Solved Assignment ?

  • Search Your Assignment then select and click on your medium from above.
  • Choose Your Subject and Medium Appropriatly .
  • Click On the Download Link.
  • Print or save PDF of Assignment Ppaer in your phone or laptop.

How to Solve BSCG Assignment Paper ?

As explicitly stated in the assignment questionnaire, students should undertake a comprehensive study of the “study materials” provided free of charge by IGNOU and give a reasonable answer to the question based on the results obtained in their own words.

First of all, it is important to submit to the IGNOU Study Center every Assignment related to your course by the deadline for acceptance; otherwise, the job will be rejected. 

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